NEPAS Research Subcommittee members

1. Dr. Bishnu Rath Giri, Coordinator

2. Dr. Krishna P. Paudel, Member

3. Dr. Sujit Shrestha, Member

4. Chief Editor, JNPS, Member

Priority Areas:

            Common morbidities


            Infectious diseases

            Early Childhood development


            Health Service expenditure

            Community Pediatrics


Eligible applicants:

Principal investigator

                        Must be a Nepalese citizen

                        NEPAS Member or

NEPAS member Less than 35 yrs(Young researcher)or

                        MD Pediatrics resident (studying in Nepal)

                        At least 2 investigator names should be mentioned for applying the grant.


Study must be conducted in Nepal

Studies that will convert to practice will be given priority.


Amount of Grant: One lakh rupees for NEPAS member

                                    Seventy five thousand for young researcher

                                    Twenty five thousand for student grant


Grant installments/phases:

            Twenty percent on the day of commencement of work (higher if required for purchase of tools etc prior to research)

            Amount required for data collection (with calculation of deficit after first installment)

            Remaining amount (except for dissemination cost if included in budget plan) after submission of data (excel or spss)

            Dissemination cost (if proposed in budget plan)


Please submit to your proposal on

Application for Approval of Research Proposal
Nepal Paediatric Society (NEPAS)
Tel: 4412648 e-mail:, website:
P.O. Box: 2668, Kathmandu, Nepal

Note:  Please type all entries in English and also submit the same in a CD
Research Proposal Description Sheet, Mail us for the proposal format


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