List of NEPAS CMEs 071/072

16th April 2014, Wednesday

Venue:     New Hall, Kanti Children's Hospital, Maharajgunj


1. Surfactant replacement therapy

2. Apnea of prematurity

3. Neonatal sepsis-recent trends


  1. Dr. Arun Singh,

Prof. of Neonatology,

National Advisor, RBSK   

Ministry of Health,

Government of India, New Delhi, India             

2. Dr. Tapas Som,

Associate Professor, IPGMER & SSKM

Hospital, Kolkata, West Bengal


18th June 2014, Wednesday


1. Acute Pediatric Kidney Injury

2. Renal replacement therapy in AKI


Dr Sidharth Kumar Sethi
MBBS, MD, Fellowship [ISN (LA,USA), IPNA (AIIMS), ISPN] Consultant, Pediatric Nephrology
Kidney and Urology Institute Medanta, The Medicity Hospital Gurgaon, India

Editor- Journal of Clinical Pediatric Nephrology

International Society of Nephrology- Educational Ambasaador (Pediatric Nephrology-India)

International Society of Nephrology- Young Nephrologist Committee Mentor

 Venue:     New Hall, Kanti Children's Hospital, Maharajgunj

 Time:        12 Noon - 3 PM 


28th June 2014, Saturday

Venue:     Seminar Hall, B.P. Koirala Eye Center, T U Teaching Hospital


Saturday, 19th July 2014 (Shrawan 3, 2071)

Venue: Lecture Hall, KMC, Teaching Hospital, Sinamangal

Topic: Persistent cough in children

Saturday, 20th September 2014 (Ashoj 4, 2071)

Venue: KIST Medical College, Gwarko

Topic: Sleep in infants and toddlers

Saturday, 13th September 2014 (Bhadra 28, 2071)

  1. Dr. Anupam Sachdeva (Hematologist) - Long term management sickle thalassemia/thalassemia
  2. Dr. Sujata Sawhney(Rheumatologist) - Long term management of SLE and JRA 
  3. Dr. Muthu Murugan (Dentist) - Dental caries and when to refer


Saturday, 18th October 2014 (Kartik 1, 2071)

Venue: Nepal Medical College, Atarkhel, Jorpati

Topic: "Pulmonary Nocardiosis presented as Non-resolving Pneumonia" 

Saturday, 22nd November 2014 (Mangsir 6, 2071)

Venue: New Hall, Kanti Children's Hospital, Maharajgunj

Topic: "Management of Childhood Seizure Disorder" 


Date: Thursday, 4 December 2014 (Mangsir 18, 2071)

Topic: "Children in Crisis; Infectious Disease in Natural Disasters."


James H. Conway, MD FAAP

Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases - Fellowship Director
University of Wisconsin - School of Medicine & Public Health
Associate Director for Health Sciences
UW-Madison Global Health Institute
Health Sciences Learning Center

Venue: New Hall, Kanti Children's Hospital, Maharajgunj

Saturday, 20 December 2014 (Poush 5, 2071)

Venue: Shree Birendra Hospital Chhauni

Topic: "SLE-severity and spectrum of signs and symptoms" 

Saturday, Magh 3, 2071 (17th January 2015)

Venue: Lecture Hall, KMC, Teaching Hospital, Sinamangal

Topic: Difficult seizures and its challenges 

Saturday, Falgun 2, 2071 (14th February 2015)

Venue: TUTH, Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj

Topic: Autism: An emerging challenge in Nepalese perspective

Saturday, Chaitra 7, 2071 (21st March 2015)

Venue: Patan Hospital, PAHS Auditorium, 4th Floor

Topic: A rare case of Inherited Tubulopathy

Thrusday, Asar 31, 2072 (July 16, 2015)

Venue: New Hall, Kanti Children's Hospital

Topic: Paediatric Endocrine Emergencies

Speaker: Dr. Amita Adhikari, Paediatric Endocrinologist

Saturday, Shrawan 2, 2072 (July 18 2015)

Venue: NAIHS, College of Medicine, Bhandarkhal, Lecture Hall 1 (Please check google map for directions)

Topic: Children in Disasters

Speaker: Dr. Moon Thapa

Contents; Case scenarios, Situational brief, International Protocols, Proposal for National Protocol in Nepal, Role of Paediatricians and NEPAS during disasters


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