President Message

  • Reducing newborn mortality
  • Join hands with CHD,WHO to help eliminate Measles by 2019 as planned
  • Built pressure for Introduction of Rotavirus vaccine by 2018 to reduce preventable deaths due to diarrhea
  • Increase PCV coverage through advocacy throughout the country
  • Target the reduction of cumulative effect of under nutrition and infection during the critical 1000 days period.
  • Take major role in prevention and control CRS and other form of birth defects 
  • Address issues related to non-communicable diseases

To achieve these aims we have establish Immunization committee, Nutrition committee, Training committee, CME committee, Research committee. The team will work with full authorization in their respected field.
 It is my firm belief that a pediatrician's duty is not only to treat the illnesses of a child but also to be an advocate of a child to promote his or her overall health and psycho social development. We have conducted two immunization advocacy in three places in last two years. We will identify and train more pediatricians in Immunization advocacy in future which will be the asset for NEPAS as an Immunization Expert Advocate. 

Thank you again for visiting our site, and please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or suggestions you might have!

Dr.Binod L.Bajracharya
President – Nepal Pediatric Society (NEPAS)

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