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Information for NEPAS Life Membership

NEPAS life membership application form can be submitted to NEPAS office in written form or electronically.

The application form can be freely downloaded from NEPAS website.

Written application form should be submitted to NEPAS office directly along with required documents as outlined below.

Electronic application can be submitted to NEPAS via email at nepas2010@gmail.com.

For submission of electronic application, please download the “membership application form” from this website and filll it properly. Scan the filled application form and the documents required for NEPAS membership as outlined below and send them all via email to nepas2010@gmail.com.

Documents required for NEPAS membership applications are:

  1. Copy of citizenship certificate.
  2. NMC Specialty registration
  3. Passport size photo
  4. Himalayan Bank deposit voucher of amount Rs. 5,000.00 payable to Nepal Paediatric Society account no. 002 00586690018, Current.

For further inquiry please contact NEPAS Secretariat:
Hari K. Shrestha, 4412648/9803594327

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